As a fellow local business owner I know you will want to know about this….

….as a fellow local business owner I know that you will want to know that there are personal benefits that your business can pay for without it costing you anything!

Sounds Crazy?

Well it is possible, allowable and tax free …….

And it allows you the opportunity to drop some personal costs

If you work within a limited Company then that company can provide a fund for your family’s future in the event of your death, and pay for it out of the turnover, before tax! This also means you could consider saving on any existing life assurance.

As well as using your business to build your lifestyle for the future, why not let it fund your family’s lifestyle if you died too soon.

Some of the advantages

Any life assurance you are currently paying is almost certainly coming out of your personal taxed income. Don’t do that anymore. Save income tax, National Insurance and possibly Inheritance tax.

Your company can set up a policy for you and the premiums will be treated as a business expense for tax purposes and attract corporation tax relief.

Premiums paid by your company are not treated as a benefit in kind to you!

Premiums paid by your company will not attract National Insurance payments!

The benefit received will be completely free of income and capital gains tax.

The payout will normally be paid free of inheritance tax.

As you might expect, there are restrictions but I can talk you through those to see what level you are eligible for.

There are only a few providers who offer this cover. It is available to owners, directors and employees of limited companies.

Interested? Give me a call, direct to my mobile 07767 450097 and let’s chat.

THIS CAN SAVE YOU MONEY AND let your business proved support for your family