Never say never- Twenty years and 42,000 thank you’s later


Our pension and savings plans have become even more critical as we live longer and healthier but unfortunately stories of bad selling advice and difficult markets have caused many to lose confidence. However, bad advice from 20 years ago may still be able to be put right.  We recently completed a successful claim for a client recovering over £42,000.


We had taken on a new client and as usual carried out a review of existing arrangements. It became clear that the pension plan had not been dealt with properly when the Government demanded that all personal pension transfers sold in the early 1990s should be reviewed.  Although it was way  out of time we were able to claim compensation to help put the client back in the position she should have been in.


This is unusual because of the timescale, but it should not be accepted that it is too late to do something.  It took us nearly one year and the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) were not the easiest of organisations to deal with but ultimately  (and thoroughly) they got the job done


With the Government proposing to simplify the State Pension Scheme by paying a flat rate basic pension there is more emphasis on the public to sort out their savings for themselves and provide for what may well be long years in retirement. A combination of doing it yourself with information which is out there and taking advice and guidance on those bits you’re not sure about can be a good way of working towards an independent income.  And that is what we try to do at Making Money Make Sense.  In effect, help those who feel a bit lost in the world of savings and investment.


The message?  It’s never to late, but the earlier you start to get on top of your planning, the better.  Who is going to provide for you?  Only you!  Get started and take advice as necessary.


As our client said, –

Thank you Martin, 42,000 times.  Your experience and relaxed style has been a great asset to me.  I look forward to continuing to work with you.”