Terms of Business or The ‘not so’ smallish Print – Wealth Warnings

Our Process
We will take you through a process, a process you will pay for. Most clients find it very valuable as it allows them to see how they might manage their financial future and build wealth for them and their family. We will explain at outset what our charges are likely to be. We will discuss your objectives, your attitude to risk, the effect of charges and the use of tax wrappers etc. Everything is put in writing for you.

Some clients are just looking for Strategy and wish to apply that strategy themselves. Others want help with tactics and will then go and do it themselves. Thats fine.

Some prefer to have their planning run for them but want to be kept informed on a regular basis. We can offer guidance and suggest how to achieve this, including tax or legal advice, where needed.

It is useful if you have information about your current arrangements to hand and can lay this out for us.This can be obtained from the providers but many prefer us to obtain it for them. We do this using face to face meetings and writing to your various providers. This may incur additional cost.

Remember that whilst we can give you general information about different product types we will not discuss specific product providers and their plans versus others in the market.

Within this we will discuss your objectives and the types of products that might be suitable to help you achieve your objectives. We do not make recommendations on individual product providers and their products. We aim to help you make the most of your savings, investments and pensions including using tax breaks efficiently and passing your estate to the next generation.. We will explain how different types of products can help you with strategy and tactics. Our service is for investors who want to make up their own mind as to whether to do it themselves or seek further advice. We can also call on other professionals including solicitors and accountants as well as regulated financial planners and advisers. Put simply, we will show you there can be better ways of achieving the same financial ends with less effort and expense.

Investment Risk
Unlike cash, stock market based investments are not guaranteed and will fall in value as well as rise. Ultimately you could get back less than you invest. Any yields will vary over time so income is variable and not guaranteed.

We therefore believe you should only invest for the longer term (certainly at least 5 plus years) but we would encourage you to take a much longer view. Often stock market based investments are flexible in that they can be accessed at short notice. Your investment are therefore not locked in but there may be times when the market is down and you may want to defer making withdrawals. It is prudent therefore to retain some money in cash deposit type accounts.

Be conscious of the charges you are paying. We all should be prepared to pay for a service but charges should be clear.

We aim to be fair with you and leave you with a clearer understanding of your own financial planning style so that you can move forward with confidence to build saving and investments for your financial future.

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