What I have learnt from my sister's gasman NOT calling!

I recently telephoned my sister in London, only to find her downstairs with a telephone trying to take a meter reading from her gas meter. There was a little cursing going on, as she was trying to get out to go into town and she had been rung by the meter reading service to ask if she could take the reading and they would call back. Her lament was “what has happened to the gas man who used to call?”.

My sister is in her retirement years and it made me think about something that we are taking for granted more and more or that for things like meter readings and checking of bank accounts, we are now expected to do it ourselves. In the past doing it ourselves would have resulted in a discount. Nowadays not doing it ourselves, is likely to incur an extra charge.

That moved me on to think about my parents and aunts and uncles saying to me, many years ago now, “I don’t envy you kids having to deal with this faster pace of life”. For my mid-thirties children, they take for granted doing all these things digitally and online but for my generation, there is a yearning at least on some things, to have it done for us. For those lucky enough to have planned ahead then hopefully their retirement funds will allow them to be able to pay for these extra things which they used to enjoy.

What is inevitable is that the younger generation will, in time, also be hankering about “how things have changed”. Will they, indeed will you, have put enough aside for your retirement years that you will be able to afford these little extras?

It’s worth thinking about. Your delay in dealing with your financial future because you are too busy with today’s issues can come back to haunt you. You can however do something about it and the first st step might be to get better informed about your options. That is what I do at Making Money M`ake Sense. Simply provide you with Information which is relevant to you so that you can then make decisions as to whether to do it yourself or outsource some or all of it to help you start to build your financial future.
If you want to afford the little things in future years, pick up the phone and talk to me now. That will cost you nothing.