Who is Martin Chapman?

And how can he help you make sense of your money?

Hi there. I’m Martin Chapman and I’m a chap who likes to help.

Why? Well – I’ve got a fair old bit of experience with all things financial, 30 years’ worth as it happens. I’d retired from full-time work and it seemed a shame to have all that knowledge rattling around in my brainbox and not being put to good use – after all, there are plenty of people out there who I felt could probably benefit from it.

So – I decided it would be nice to share my wisdom and use it to hopefully give people a bit of a helping hand to help themselves when it comes to planning their finances for the future.

What makes Martin different from other financial advisers?

Well – here’s the thing. I am not in this to sell you any one particular financial product.

I merely wish to help you understand your investments and pensions better so that you can get the best value out of them while learning about what else is out there for you and what your options are.

I want to give you the knowledge that makes you better informed to make the right decisions.

It’s as simple as that, really!

I can give you a broad perspective to your financial planning from the basic building blocks of planning through to finding out how you might pass your estates on to future generations. I can talk you through the pros and cons of trust planning, or I can help you to arrange your business finances in such a way that you can successfully grow some solid retirement funds.

Here are a few more things to bear in mind:

I won’t commit you to a long-term relationship. You can dip into my information as and when you need to.

I don’t speak in jargon. My whole reason for doing this is to make things clearer for people – and that starts with the language I use!

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