Will marketing save your business and build your financial future?

Please do not confuse marketing with placing nice images, logos and having nice letterheads or business cards. Yes, they are part of the output of a marketing process but the real thrust of your marketing is having a clear understanding what your business does for its customers and then knowing how to replicate that. At that point you can decide how to find more of that type of customer and then use marketing to approach them.

It could be by way of adverts, websites or newspaper articles but it could also be through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or dare I say, even Twitter or just doing a neighbourly turn for someone local to you. If you want to build wealth within your business ( assuming that your business is a cornerstone of your personal financial planning and why else would you be putting yourself through all this pain), then think hard about this, well before you reach for your cheque book and start buying those letterheads, business cards, websites or adverts.

Do you agree? Disagree? Or just don’t know. I’d like to hear your opinion if you have time.

Financial planning is the same. Do not invest into anything just because some letter/newspaper enticement attracted you. Have a plan. What do you want your money to achieve and then work though from there. It is not rocket science and most of you can do it without too much help. Possibly just some general guidance. And that is what I do. Have a chat. It costs you nothing!

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